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Best Treatment

At Oshawa Durham Sleep Laboratory, we're committed to providing you with exceptional care in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Overnight Studies

We offer overnight studies 7 days a week for your convenience. We believe that our patients deserve the best care, and we make an effort to make sure you always feel welcome and at ease.

Medical Staff

Our sleep specialists include physicians trained in Respirology, Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine and are fluent in English, Hindi, Panjabi/Punjabi and Urdu.

Qualified Doctors

Our team of sleep specialists, sleep technologists and administration staff has the skills and resources to manage all your sleep health needs.

Services We Provide

Oshawa Durham Sleep Laboratory offers overnight sleep studies(Polysomnography) and daytime testing (Multiple Sleep Latency Testing and Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing). An overnight sleep study is a non-invasive test that monitors sleep stages, awakenings, eye movements, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing, snoring and body movements. Multiple Sleep Latency Testing and Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing are also non-invasive exams that are used to measure daytime sleepiness and alertness

Our facility is open 7 days a week for overnight testing for patients 13 years and older. Parking is available at no charge under and around our well-lit building. 24-hour video surveillance records anyone going in and out of the building. Wide hallways and doors provide easy access for patients requiring assistive devices.

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Quality Care

To be premier provider of compassionate, quality healthcare for our patients
And to have "Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Quality of Life".

Here for You

We provide continuous care for patients with sleep disorders including re-evaluation and alternative treatment options helping you to live a healthier life.


In-laboratory testing ensures a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your sleep. Using the most up to date polysomnographic software combined with our skilled and knowledgeable technologists, we can ensure a high degree of accuracy of your sleep study.

Comfortable Private Bedrooms

Our facility offers spacious private bedrooms all equipped with double beds and individual thermostats that can be adjusted to your desired optimal room temperature.

Professional and Courteous

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure you are comfortable and at ease in the sleep laboratory environment. Once your sleep study has been performed, we will explain your results to you thoroughly along with recommended treatment options.


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Our Team

Sukarno N. Chaudhry, FRCPC, ABIM

Sukarno N. Chaudhry, FRCPC, ABIM

Medical Director and Quality Advisor

Practicing in Sleep Medicine

Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Medicine

Varinder Parmar MD, ABPN, FRCPC, DRCPSC

Varinder Parmar MD, ABPN, FRCPC, DRCPSC (Sleep Medicine)

Associate Physician

Practising in Sleep Medicine

Board Certified in Psychiatry

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